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Car Sales in Torrevieja 

Every day at Catalexcars, we aim too improve in what we can offer. We have many years of experience in vehicle sales and assisting customers. We aim to do everything we can, to make sure the vehicle you buy, is the one that is best suited for you.  We do not believe in pressure selling and want you to be totally happy with your new car.

We do, however, have to set terms & conditions on all of the sales and purchases we make. Please take a minute to read the following and if you still have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask us.


The law in Spain is, when you buy a secondhand vehicle from a car dealer, they are obligated to give you a one year warranty. Whilst some places will give you a warranty for less time, this is totally illegal. Here at Catalexcars, you will recieve a one year warranty.

The warranty is issued by and backed by Catalexcars and it is us that makes the decision on any repairs needed. You will not have to deal with a third party. The warranty is a standard warranty on a second hand vehicle and covers the Engine & Gearbox only. Should you wish to increase the level of cover, you can choose from various options of cover and this warranty will be from an independant insurers. This option will incur an additional cost for you.


When it comes to changing your car, things is Spain are a little different to other countries. When you change a car in Spain, there are transfer taxes and name change charges to be paid. This is each and everytime the car changes hands and varies on the type and size of vehicle. Some dealers will charge you extra for this.  If you buy or sell a car privately, this still has to be done. This is where you can come unstuck. If you agree for the seller to do it and they don't, you could be liable for any fines or problems with the vehicle.

Here at Catalexcars, we take care of all of that for you and the costs are included in the price of the car you buy. You can rest easy knowing, that everything has been taken care of and you can just drive your new car away.


Before taking delivery of your new car, we will pre check the vehicle for any problems, change the oil and filter and fully clean the vehicle. Should the vehicle have less than two months remaining on the ITV, then we will arrange to have a new inspection. All at no expense to you.


It is the responsibility of the buyer to arrange the nessecary vehicle insurance. Here in Spain, the minimum allowed is Third Party. Should you wish to take out a higher level of cover, then that is for you to decide. Should you choose to drive away with no insurance on the vehicle, then you are accepting that you are responsible from when you leave our premises. Catalexcars, will in no way be responsible or accept any responsibility for any problems that may occur after you leave our premises. We can arrange an insurance quote for you if you would like. You are not obligated, it is just a quote. Should you decide to take our insurance, the this will be ready for you when you collect the vehicle.


Suma on your vehicle, is like road tax. This Suma is paid just once a year. The person that owns the vehicle on the first of January, is liable for the payment of it. So, anytime you buy a vehicle after the first of January, the Suma will have been paid and you don't have to worry about it until next january.


When you believe you have found the vehicle you would like to buy, it is for you to fully inspect the vehicle and point out anything that draws your attention. The resolution to any issues can be discussed before you make the purchase. Once you are happy with this, you will be required to pay a €1000 reservation fee. (€2000) on imported cars. If we buy a car in specially for you, as we do for a lot of customers, we will ask for a €5000 deposit. The balance of the payment will be required within three business days from the date of purchase or an instant transfer on the day of collection. Any costs incurred by us for bank transfers or balance payments made with a card, will be charged to you the customer. The cost for bank transfers varies and card payments are currently charged at 2% of the payment.


Once you have purchased your new car and you decide you will need to leave it at the Airport, we can assist you with arranging that too. We currently collaborate with 'UMBRELLA PARKING', which is one of the bigger parking companies at the airport. They are open 365 days a year and 24/7. There is always someone there that speaks English and they will collect you from and return you to the airport. Should you require further details and prices on this, please ask.

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